Asbestos and demolition monitoring plans: advice

Laboratory ECCA conducts asbestos checks for your company. Demolition and renovation activities require an inventory checking of asbestos from every employer. After sampling and thorough analysis of possible harmful materials in the building, we submit a comprehensive report. Our experts also assist you with carrying out your demolition monitoring plan. That includes an overview of the origins of the materials and how they were collected, managed and dismantled. That is not the end of it, though. A strong and detailed advice is indispensable in this story. With our expertise, you are immediately aware of your next step. Laboratory ECCA guides you through the entire process.

Demolition monitoring plan

Laboratory ECCA is certified as an expert for Tracimat. We carefully supervise the origins and the accurate disposal of demolition waste. Before demolishing a building, the owner of the building must submit a monitoring plan. Our laboratory can provide that for you. The first step is to identify and dispose of the hazardous substances. A monitoring plan gives you clear insights in which materials are used in your building and if they are harmful or not. The plan is to be strictly observed. It is compulsory for all renovation, demolition or decommissioning activities that require planning permission, if the site’s zone volume is over 1000 m³. You submit a monitoring plan with the application file for planning permission.

As a Tracimat expert, laboratory ECCA establishes a monitoring plan for you. It includes a collection of all materials that will be released during construction. By means of a professional traceability system, we make a distinction between harmful and non-harmful materials. Approval needed for demolition can only be given if the demolition waste is accurately collected and disposed of. We conduct thorough inspections before construction but also after completion.

Asbestos check

Demolition and renovation activities require an inventory checking of the asbestos from every employer. The goal is to identify, report and dispose of traces of asbestos in the building. By doing so, the health and safety of employees can be protected and guaranteed without any undue risks, because they could be exposed to hazardous substances. Before the start of the activities, the employer must submit an asbestos checking report. It should include a record of the analysis of suspicious materials.

Laboratory ECCA conducts thorough inspections of buildings that may contain asbestos and is certified to take the necessary samples of materials that are likely to contain asbestos. This sample collection can be destructive or non-destructive. Our comprehensive report contains information on all materials that contain asbestos. Moreover, our laboratory gives a risk analysis and detailed recommendations about how to prevent exposure to asbestos. As a result, these materials can be disposed of before the start of the demolition or renovation activities. 

This asbestos inventory checking must be carried out regularly. Our experts can conduct such checks for you. In this regard, we observe how the situation has evolved and if renewed action must be taken. 

Asbestos analysis

Our certified experts can be brought in for an asbestos analysis. Asbestos is not identifiable with the naked eye, but can only be detected with thorough analyses. Should you come across a suspicious material, then our laboratory can quickly provide an absolute certainty about the presence or absence of asbestos. If you suspect that a material contains asbestos, our professionals are certified to provide a clear answer. The process of identification takes place with the help of polarised light microscopy (PLM). This microscopy technique is used to identify the presence of asbestos in suspicious materials. We provide a comprehensive analysis report. We conduct analyses on the matrices air, water, construction materials, demolition waste and soil.